Today’s Top Android Applications

Android Applications

  • Online Football Manager (OFM) v1.01
    *Online Football Manager (OFM) v1.01*
    _Requirements:_ Android 2.1 or higher
    _Overview:_ The official Android app of the most popular football game:…
  • Firefly v1.1.0
    *Firefly v1.1.0*
    _Requirements:_ Android 2.1 and up
    _Overview:_ Firefly is a linear visual novel by Circle Pegasi. This is the Android port of the…
  • Burn your fat with me!! v1.01
    *Burn your fat with me!! v1.01*
    _Requirements:_ Android 2.2 and up
    _Overview:_ “Burn your fat with me!!” is a fitness app/dating sim that provides…
  • Sudoku 10’000 Plus v2.80
    *Sudoku 10’000 Plus v2.80*
    _Requirements:_ Android 1.6 and up
    _Overview:_ The most complete Sudoku app on Android and the only one you’ll ever…
  • Super Mario Bros v1.2.5
    *Super Mario Bros v1.2.5*
    _Requirements:_ Android 1.5 or higher
    _Overview:_ Best-selling video game of all time!
  • Slots in Time v1.0.2 full retail

    Slots in Time v1.0.2 full retail

    Tested on the LG Optimus 4X HD.

    Requires Android:
    2.2 and up

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