Today’s Top Android Applications

Android Applications

  • Jets Aliens Missiles v1.0.0
    *Jets Aliens Missiles v1.0.0*
    _Requirements:_ Android 2.3.3+
    _Overview:_ A human colony is under attack by a relentless alien force.


  • Infinite Flight v1.0
    *Infinite Flight v1.0*
    _Requirements:_ 4.0+
    _Overview:_ Enjoy a fully featured flight simulator in the palm of your hands.


  • Blazing Souls Accelate (ENG) v1.5
    *Blazing Souls Accelate (ENG) v1.5*
    _Requirements:_ 2.2+
    _Overview:_ Blazing Souls Accelate, sequel to Spectral Souls, in exclusivity on Android!…
  • Gem Miner 2 v1.3.1
    *Gem Miner 2 v1.3.1*
    _Requirements:_ Android 2.0 and up
    _Overview:_ Dig your way into history!
    Grab your pickaxe and get ready for adventure!
  • Art Mogul v1.2 (Full)
    *Art Mogul v1.2 (Full)*
    _Requirements:_ Android 2.1+
    _Overview:_ Step into the shoes of an Art Mogul in this thrilling mix of hidden object,…
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