[iPhone/iPod T./iPad] Run In Crowd v1.2.2 (ENG)

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Run In Crowd v1.2.2 (ENG)
cr@cked by…R@S:)

Corri ed evita gli ostacoli per arrivare il piu lontano possibile.

Compatibilità: Richiede l’iOS 4.3 o successive. Compatibile con iPhone, iPod touch e iPad. Questa app è ottimizzata per iPhone 5.

Lingua: Inglese

Testato e funzionante su iPad2

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Gioco a scorrimento laterale,Devi correre e saltare per evitare gli ostacoli.è un gioco arcade divertente.

Descrizione in Inglese

“Run In Crowd” is a indie game where you race alongside other players in a new world each day.
Tap to jump and double-jump. Longer you tap, higher your runner jumps. Avoid obstacles and try to run longer distance than other.
* Multiplayer – you race alongside other players
* Level generation – you run in a new world each day
* Simple and addictive gameplay with simple controls
* Achievements
* iPhone 5 resolution support
Special thanks to Chris Procter for additional testing!


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