[iPhone/iPod T./iPad] Math v1.0 (ENG)

By robystoy

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Math v1.0 (ENG)

cr@cked by…R@S

Allena la tua mente e risolvi velocemente operazioni matematiche.

Compatibilità: Richiede l’iOS 3.1.3 o successive. Compatibile con iPhone, iPad e iPod touch

Lingua: Inglese

Testato e funzionante su iPad2

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Questa applicazione metterà a dura prova i vostri neuroni.Lo scopo è semplice,basta risolvere in meno tempo possibile un certo numero di operazioni.Addizioni, sottrazioni, moltiplicazioni o un mix tra tutte.

Descrizione in Inglese

REACTION TIME GAME: How fast are you? How smart are you? Math Racer knows the answer! Compete for the fastest times against friends and family, stamp your initials on the high-score board for all to see. Seven games with four levels each for 28 separate high-score boards!
Math Racer is by far the fastest Math Speed Testing App on the App Store. Our simple interface removes all possible barriers between your brain and your reaction time. All times are measured to the hundredth of a second for even more fun.
Each user can enter their own initials like …read more

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