[iPhone/iPod T./iPad] Little Star v2.1 (ENG)

By robystoy

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Little Star v2.1 (ENG)
cr@cked by…R@S:)

Un libro interattivo con dei simpatici giochi per bambini.

Compatibilità: Richiede l’iOS 4.3 o successive. Compatibile con iPhone, iPad e iPod touch.

Lingua: Inglese

Testato e funzionante su iPad2

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Una simpatica storia (peccato che sia in Inglese) di 5 piccoli amici nel loro viaggio per catturare le stalle.
I bambini potranno giocare e cercare di catturare piu stelle possibili.

Descrizione in Inglese

This is a stunning fully interactive book. Unique interactions designed to match the story line throughout. Discover each surprise with touch, drag, smear, rotate, shake and more. Meet the story characters in the bonus games included. Enjoy the fun reading with whole family.
This original written story is about 5 little friends on their journey to catch stars. Through several failure attempts, they find out their own shortcomings and weakness, and discover the power of teamwork is key to final success. Find out what creative ways they use in order to catch stars inside the book. …read more

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