[apk] iKnowU Keyboard v1.6.6

By heartbeat

iKnowU Keyboard v1.6.6



Android 2.1+
iKnowU e’ una tastiera che promette di capire cosa stai per scrivere in maniera molto accurata.

iKnowU diventa sempre piu’ accurata ogni volta che la usi, imparando a riconoscere te e il tuo stile. Altre caratteristiche, come WordChunking™ e Gesturing™ permettono di unire frasi per creare nuove frasi in pochissimi secondi .


* WordChunking ™ – Displays possible predictions allowing you to find the word or phrase you’re looking for more quickly and accurately
* Word and Phrase Prediction – Create whole sentences and phrases in a fraction of the time that you’d normally take to type them
* Auto-correction – Type fast? No problem our market leading word/phrase corrections will fix your spelling errors.
* Re-correct – Auto-correct got it wrong? You can swipe across the keyboard right to left to delete it OR click on the green selection at the top to correct it to what you actually typed! And IKnowU will learn it for next time!
* Gesturing™- Enter words and phrases with alternative sub-second input resulting in blazing fast entry speeds with full accuracy

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